Investing in Income Securities with ISI

Your Guide to a Diverse Range of Investment Opportunities

Income Securities Investors LLC (ISI) offers a diversified approach to investing in a variety of income securities, including bonds, convertibles, preferreds, closed-end funds, and dividend stocks. Under the guidance of Martin Fridson, CFA, a distinguished figure in the fixed income market, we provide expert strategies to meet diverse investment goals.


A Spectrum of Investment Strategies

Diverse Bond Investment Strategies: Bonds can be an attractive component of your income portfolio. You can invest directly in individual bonds or participate through closed-end funds, which are available in several different sectors of the bond market. We help you navigate them to find the best fit for your portfolio.

The World of Convertible Securities: Convertibles, blending features of bonds and equities, offer unique opportunities for growth and income. We guide you through how to incorporate convertibles into your investment strategy, balancing potential risks and rewards.

Preferred Stocks in Your Portfolio: As an often-underutilized option, preferred stocks can provide higher yields compared to common stocks, along with greater assurance of continuity of payments. We explore how these preferreds can enhance your income-focused portfolio.

Exploring Other Securities: Beyond the most familiar income investments, we make recommendations in categories such as Real Estate Investment Trusts and Master Limited Partnerships.  These can add to your portfolio’s diversification.



Expanding on High Yield and Municipal Bond Investing

Navigating High Yield Bond Investing: For investors seeking higher returns and willing to accept increased risks, high yield closed-end bond funds can be compelling. Our approach is centered on intelligent risk assessment, helping you identify funds that align with your investment goals within your bounds of risk tolerance.


Municipal Bond Investments for Tax-Efficient Income: Municipal bonds offer unique tax advantages and are a key component of a taxable fixed income portfolio. We identigy municipal bond vehicles that provide tax-efficient income as a component of your overall investment strategy.


Why Choose Income Securities Investors LLC

Unmatched Expertise and Risk-Calibrated Investment Solutions

Decades of Market Leadership: At ISI, you benefit from the wealth of experience and recognition that Martin Fridson, CFA, and our team bring to the table. Our deep understanding of the income market is a result of years of dedicated research and experience in investment management.

Educational Content: Each monthly installment of our newsletter includes an article designed to deepen your knowledge of the income market.  Rigorous statistical analysis supports our findings.

Comprehensive Market Analysis: Our team continuously monitors and analyzes market trends, economic indicators, and regulatory changes. This thorough market study informs our investment strategies, ensuring that we are always positioned to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks.

Proven Record: Our history of delivering insightful income ideas speaks for itself. Subscribers trust us for our transparent, data-driven approach, cemented by our recognition within the industry.

Accessible Expertise: Partnering with ISI means having direct access to some of the brightest minds in the fixed income space. Our team is always ready to answer your questions, offer insights, and elaborate on the articles and recommendations you find in ISI.


Join the ISI Community

Choosing ISI for your investment needs means becoming part of a community dedicated to achieving financial success through intelligent, well-informed investment strategies. We invite you to join the ranks of savvy investors who have found success and security through our income-focused solutions.

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