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Welcome to Income Securities Investors LLC (ISI), where our passion and proficiency in income securities such as bonds, convertibles, preferreds, closed-end funds, and dividend stocks standsunrivaled. Under the leadership of Martin Fridson, CFA, ISI combines scholarly insight and practical financial acumen. Our focus is to empower investors with the knowledge and tools essential for navigating the intricate landscape of income securities.

Martin Fridson, CFA: A Vanguard of Financial Expertise

At the head of ISI is Martin Fridson, CFA, a figure synonymous with depth and excellence in the domain of income securities. Inducted into the Fixed Income Analysts Society Hall of Fame and having served as a past governor of the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute, Martin’s credentials are a testament to his profound impact on the industry. His service as a consultant to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and his prolific authorship of seven investment-relatedbooks further embellish his distinguished career. His consistent top-ranking in High Yield Strategy on the Institutional Investor All America Research Team while at Merrill Lynch underscores his unparalleled expertise.

Our Objective: Maximizing Income, Minimizing Risk

ISI is dedicated to guiding our subscribers toward achieving robust income levels while diligently managing investment risks. We specialize in enabling you to create a diversified portfolio that encompasses a wide range of income securities, designed to mitigate volatility arising from economy-wide and sector-specific disturbances.


Investment Philosophy: Diverse, Suitable, Strategic

The Wide Application of Income Securities: We believe income securities can benefit a wide range of investors, either to provide cash for current needs or to contribute to long-term wealth creation while offsetting the risk of stock holdings.

Risk-Calibrated Investment Selections: Recognizing the diversity in investor profiles, we meticulously categorize our investment selections to align with varying levels of risk tolerance, ensuring clarity and precision in our recommendations.

Adaptive Investment Approaches: Unlike many investment newsletters, ISI is not limited to a single asset category. Our recommendations and market commentary can be employed in a range of approaches, from traditional buy-and-hold to more active management.

Mastery in Corporate Bond Investment

The corporate bond market, an important component of a well-rounded income portfolio, is an area where our expertise particularly shines. At ISI, we navigate through this complex terrain with a close eye on credit ratings, interest rate implications, and evolving market dynamics. Our holistic analysis of issuing corporations, encompassing financial stability, industry standing, and potential growth trajectories, enables us to identify corporate bonds that strike the right balance between yield and risk.

Risk Management and Market Vigilance

Risk management is essential to your investment success, especially in the ever-changing corporate bond market. Our market analsysis aims to align with your investment aspirations, balancing yield objectives with risk tolerance.

Martin Fridson’s Collaborations and Publications

A Legacy of Thought Leadership in Finance

Martin Fridson’s contributions to the world of finance extend far beyond his role at Income Securities Investors LLC. As a renowned financial expert, he has collaborated with prestigious platforms such as Forbes, sharing his insights and analysis on a myriad of financial topics. Additionally, Martin’s prolific authorship has produced several authoritative books on investments and financial strategies, which have become essential reading for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Below, explore his influential collaborations and discover his published works.

Featured Collaborations

Martin Fridson on Forbes.com

Dive into Martin’s insightful articles on Forbes, where he frequently shares his expert analysis on the latest trends and strategies in fixed income investing and the broader financial market.

Key Publications

Books by Martin Fridson on Amazon

Explore Martin’s range of published works available on Amazon. His books cover various aspects of practical investment and economic theory, offering valuable knowledge to readers at all levels of expertise.

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